Pattern designer. Compulsive doodler. Strong interest in both litigation design and fabric. Willing to paint anything. Experienced in information design, litigation/intellectual property graphics, presentation design, product development and illustration, display design and construction (yes, with power tools), brand and package design, publication layout. I've written a manual or two, taught software and crafting classes, and am wicked-accurate with an Xacto blade.


Excellent designer, prolific data artist, pen-and-paper old school illustrator. Proficient in all industry standard graphics software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Quark, Page Maker, Illustrator, Freehand, as well as Microsoft Office programs (including Power Point), all on both Mac and PC operating systems. Some knowledge of HTML and Flash. Sound and video editing, if you ask really nicely and have a killer project. Can deftly navigate and work within QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale software, although I am seldom willing. Thorough knowledge of copy editing and typography. Can wield a paintbrush like the best of 'em.